THANKS: Livin' My Life

THANKS Livin My Life Back in April, we introduced you to THANKS, made up of Anders & Anders formerly of Alphabeat, and their debut song "Dizzy." We described it as that feeling you get jumping on a hotel room bed like a trampoline. To no surprise, the song went viral on Spotify UK which I guess translates to a lot of you're welcome's. Keeping in line with our hotel theme, grab your robes, a lampshade for your head, and the remote control to use as a microphone, but the boys are back with "Livin' My Life" and I don't know about you, but I think I found my new theme song. I listened through and didn't connect the dots leading to Jill Scott's 2004 song called "Golden" but apparently THANKS found the acapella and, without listening to the original, made this funky, chopped-up jam. Jam as in music, and jam as in let's play this as loud as possible and order room service!

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