[PREMIERE] VHS COLLECTION: Waiting on the Summer

VHS COLLECTION 3 If I were a music supervisor I'd just answer every brief by submitting a cassette tape of VHS Collection looping their latest single. The NYC synth rock band give the sun a run for its warmth with "Waiting on the Summer." Breaking the song into thirds, I'd say the first soundtracks a sandy blonde circle of friends loading things like surfboards, water coolers, beach towels etc into the back of a 1940 Ford Woodie. Meanwhile, everyone's sporting colored nosecoat sunblock and lip balm having like so much fun while basking in the excitement knowing their skin is protected. That's when they group-high-five and hit the coastal freeway as the camera pans out. Zinka would be all over this shit, while Coppertone executives would call for an emergency board meeting out of envy. The second section of the song, specifically the 1:20 mark, moves from commercial to movie soundtrack. Think John Cusack in the 1989 film “Say Anything” with a boombox overhead while his character Lloyd Dobler serenades Diane Court. I'd say just swap the corny aesthetics for something cooler, but I think doubling the corny aesthetics is more IDC than IDK and everything about this moment is absolutely carefree. Now then, the third section. Move over Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" and Titanic, there's a new song winning at Exit Music. This is less dramatic without icebergs and more about that moment when he wins the girl's heart (choose your own adventure and gender combination, really) and a soap-opera-style kiss ensues, the surrounding crowd is beaming with joy and applause and the frame freezes before fading to black and the credits beginning to scroll right at 3:12.

"Anticipating summer is a familiar notion from years in the classroom. No one expects to be still pining for July 4th and days of no consequence well into adulthood, but the grim monotony of a New York winter makes the craving all the more real. 'Waiting on the Summer' was written on one of the coldest days of the year in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn. It's a cry for warmer weather, unsupervised high-jinks, group love and half-baked self-expression. We kept the verses dark and the choruses light, mirroring the dream of June from the bottom of January." - James Bohannon


"Waiting For The Summer" is off VHS COLLECTION's upcoming 'Stereo Hype' EP scheduled for release on September 2, 2016.

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