Hello. Tuesday. Remixes.

remixes sept 6

? ? ? Fresh remixes hand-picked from our garden to yours! ? ? ?

Frank Gamble - Heart Speaks (With You. Remix)

"We could be good without each other," sings With You.'s remix of "Heart Speaks" by Frank Gamble. And, dang, that sucks to whoever that line goes out to. I guess "good" is somewhat fitting since it is my opinion that one can ever be great without a little Frank Gamble in their life.

Miike Snow - Trigger (Midnight Pool Party Remix)

Imagine if for just one day all the guns in the world remain locked. Swap a bullet shooting down the barrel when the trigger gets pulled, with Midnight Pool Party's latest remix sounding out instead. Now that would be making some sunshine out of (Miike) snow.

RL Grime - Core (TRAILS Flip)

When I wake up in the morning I immediately sit up. I'm not sure why, but I've done it since I can remember. Today was one of those repeat snooze kinda mornings where I can essentially skip the gym because it was like some serious core training - more sit-ups then I've ever done in my life. After the long holiday weekend, it's feeling less like the Monday-est Tuesday there ever was with this TRAILS flip of RL Grime's "Core" pumping in the background.

Elliphant - Step Down (CRNKN Remix)

This one's been in rotation for a minute, but this weekend we had a moment. Usually pitched vocals throughout can be a little obnoxious but CRNKN step way up with this remix of "Step Down" by Elliphant and it just feels good.


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