argonaut&wasp: Loser Like You

argonautwasp-loser-like-you Yo losers, this one goes out to you and whoever you think you are. If only my present self could go back in time and hand a younger bullied-daily me this song ("Loser Like You") by argonaut&wasp, I could blast it louder than the taunting and maybe even choreograph a dance routine to accompany it - my answer back to the hecklers. Okay let's be honest, that would probably fuel the fire when I was already accused of being flaming gay. I did gymnastics, okay! I could probably crack a bitch open like a watermelon with one squeeze of my thighs but, alas, it wasn't considered a sport like...wrestling? The moral of this bitter-party-of-one story is to not become responsible for putting someone at a disadvantage. In other words, don't let this song become a dedication from someone to you. Be a winner.

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