[PREMIERE] The Lulls: Tyrant (Music Video)

the-lulls We need more people in the world like The Lulls. Watching their music video for "Tyrant," sumptuous feels, infectious singalong melodies and chord progressions that burrow deep begin to overwhelm. More often than not, a band’s overall appeal is usually greater than the sum of its parts, but in the case of The Lulls, it sounds like each member stands equally tall giving their collective impact an almost unfair advantage.

From subdued and seemingly muted, the second half of the song opens into a cathartic, dreamy rage. These days, you can dress up just about anything, but when it's stripped down will its true colors still shine? Tinged with hues of surf-rock and shoegaze, the song's groove will likely resonate before its message but maybe I'm quick to jump to conclusions not giving everyone the benefit of the doubt - and isn't that exactly what the song is about? Rutger Rosenberg of the band, shares:

""Tyrant" is special to us because of its cultural timeliness. With the current political climate and North Carolina's proposed bathroom law, the celebration of gray areas is more important than ever. By highlighting the artifice of gender in this video and pairing it with a song written from a woman's perspective, "Tyrant" encapsulates the themes of our upcoming album, 'Island of Daughters,' and distills them into absurdist minimalism -- French lyrics and all. We may be privileged 20-something-year-old males (sigh), but we're with the underrepresented every step of the way."

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