Hello. Monday. Remixes.

Hello. Monday. Remixes.


? ? ? Fresh remixes hand-picked from our garden to yours! ? ? ?

Tove Lo - Cool Girl (Syre Remix)

Syre takes Tove Lo from cool girl to sparkplug girl. Putting this remix near any car the electricity will put the engine's pistons in motion, the car can power up, stay powered up and produce a smooth burn of fuel. But I'm not to putting a label on it, I'm all about keeping things fun, too.

The Him - Balance (Joe Mason Remix)

Doesn't 'balance' mean an even distribution of weight enabling something to remain upright and steady? Cause Joe Mason's remix of The Him's "Balance" is not helping me remain anything but horizontal and unstable. I'm trying to recover from a successful weekend of debauchery and concentrate at my desk, but now I'm just sitting, staring at my calendar with a Sharpie in hand crossing off the days to this weekend.

RAYE - I, U, Us (AlunaGeorge Remix)

What's up, RAYE? I made this BFF bracelet and I'm hoping you consider wearing it. I agree, it's all about "I, U, US," but I'm totally cool with AlunaGeorge hanging out wand joining in our fun, too. Squad goals.

James Hersey - Miss You (HONNE Remix)

In that HONNE zone, and I know for a fact I'm not the only one, not by a long shot. This remix of James Hersey's "Miss You" - and bonus, JONES's "Indulge" - will make any casual listener an immediate devotee. It's a one-two punch you'll be glad to hit your eardrums on repeat.

PASSERINE - White Shadows & Grey Noise (Ok Sure remix)

I said it before, as an adventurer, if you hit me with a title like “White Shadows and Grey Noise,” I’m going to hit you with my passport. Melbourne trio Passerine takes us deeper into their world of galactic-soul sounds with a remix by Ok Sure. OK? YES.

Coast Modern - Guru (Comets We Fall Remix)

There's no question about it, "Guru" by Coast Modern is one of my favorite tracks of 2016. (One day CM will follow us on Twitter and the whole world can live as one. Until then...) It's a pretty impossible task to remix a song that's already perfect, but we've listened to the original so many times, this Comets We Fall version is more than welcome and is scattered with gold flakes and has me feeling like a dancing leprechaun.


Joe Hertz: How It Feels EP

Joe Hertz: How It Feels EP

Brigitte Bardot: La Madrague (Très Remix)

Brigitte Bardot: La Madrague (Très Remix)