Konrad OldMoney Feat. Sleep Steady: Black Thai

konrad-oldmoney-feat-sleep-steady-black-thai As a kid, I'd exit the movie theater after seeing a Batman-esque flick fully ready to fuck shit up. I was a caped Category 5 hurricane with sudden superhuman strength. I was somewhere between good and evil but liked to keep people guessing, including my parents. Konrad OldMoney has me channeling those vibes. His music is like my gateway drug to the dark side with thoughts that are definitely dark-sided, maybe even pitch dark. "Black Thai," his latest, featuring Sleep Steady, has me wanting to put on a tuxedo, drive to Night + Market Song on Sunset Blvd. (best Thai in LA), order pad see ew, eat it, order another one, throw that one against the wall as a diversion before kidnapping the chef and bringing him back to my lair. I mean have you had their secret fried chicken sandwich for lunch? Totally warrants all of the above and if anyone asks, it's obviously Konrad OldMoney's fault anyway.

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