Q&A: Kicks N Licks

Q&A: Kicks N Licks

kicks-n-licks Summer 2016 definitely lives on with Kicks N Licks's latest single, "Sunny Day." The duo teamed up with singer Desirée Dawson and their combined talent somehow successfully slayed us from Summertime sadness to Autumntime gladness. Haven't had enough? Us either. So, slip on your Speedos, slather on some suntan lotion and pour yourself a Pina Colada and bask in our Q&A with Kicks N Licks, below!   You guys have launched new branding, what triggered you to take this action?

We ultimately wanted to build a foundation for these upcoming releases and let people know that we are ready to unleash a bunch of original music and show everyone what we have been working on!

In diary format, can you take us through a typical day in the life?

Andy - Assuming we are home and not playing a show this is my average day 8 am - wake up, cook breakfast, shower/brush teeth 9am - Usually get in the studio around 9-10. Mid morning seems to be my most creative time. 10am - Honesty usually spend the majority of the day in the studio if i can, But depends on what needs to get done. 7pm almost all days i will either wrap up an idea or take a break and eat dinner 8pm after that i will either get back to the studio or meet up with friends and chill. Assuming I don't go out or do anything I'm usually in bed around 10-11.

Jerrod 8 am - wake up, try to surf or work out 9 am - Eat / make breakfast from home (usually a breakfast bagel haha my cooking skills aren’t that high) 10 am - Meet up with Andy and get in the studio 4pm - try to finish up whatever we are working before heading into work 5pm - Head into work (I bartend, serve and deliver at a local restaurant) s/o Leucadia Pizzeria 9pm - Watch some TV / Netflix been watching Narcos season 2 and Stranger Things and usually get to bed around 11

From start to finish, share with us how “Sunny Day” came to fruition. How did you link up with Desiree Dawson?

Sunny day was first started as an instrumental idea roughly two years ago. We knew we wanted to find a vocal for the track but wasn't until we stumbled across Desirée’s soundcloud and later hearing her rough demo that we knew we had found the right fit!

    Who is in your current playlist? Any artists, musicians or genres we might be surprised to find in there?

Andy- My playlist can be all over the place genre wise too many people to list!. I tend to listen and enjoy chill and mellow stuff especially while in the car. Currently my AUX cable is broken so i’ve been listening to the local jazz radio in the car! Jerrod- This is always a hard one to answer because I listen to bunch of different genres but some that may be surprising is I listen to a lot of J Dilla, but usually find a lot of great new artists thru Hype Machine.

  What's your definition of the perfect Sunny Day?

Just a relaxing warm day at the beach with friends and family.

Lastly, the obligatory question of What can we expect from you in the coming months/year ahead? Anything exciting on the horizon we should know about and share with the universe?

All we can say as of now is that we have a ton of new music and are super excited to share it with everyone! We will be announcing more details along with show dates coming up soon!

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