The Odds x Bronze Whale: Best

the-odds-x-bronze-whale-best Don't mess with Texas...duo Bronze Whale. With millions of streams in their arsenal, if these guys start rolling up their sleeves and fire out a new tune, it's best to just take cover and brace for impact. Now would be that time. In collaboration with singer-songwriter The Odds, "Best" is the first of three singles off the trio's upcoming collaborative EP called 'Million' via Magic Magic Collective. That news alone should warrant replacing all future S's in this post with dollar signs. Ju$t $aying.

Here, two worlds collide: volts of Bronze Whale's signature electronica with the home-cooked lyrics and nourishing melodies of The Odds. Knowing these artists first bonded on a road trip, all I can daydream about is sitting backseat while the MPHs go up and the volume goes even higher as the wind blows through my hair and my arm hangs out the window trying to match these artist's flow and appreciating being part of their journey ahead.


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