Fried Egg, I'm In Love

Fried Egg Im In Love It’s Fried Egg Friday! Every week, our inbox gets hit with over 2,000 submissions and, believe it or not, about 15% of those are actually pretty incredible. Unfortunately, we only average about 30 posts a week, so for you mathematicians that’s about 270 that fall through the cracks! Okay, no more word problems, and only music solutions from here on out. The following tracks we just couldn’t let slip through our hands without mention.


JAHKOY - California Heaven (Medasin Remix) ft. Schoolboy Q

Guys, I've been diagnosed with an incurable case of fandom for Medasin. I know, trying really hard for that pun so kill me. Either way, I'm a good guy and 99% sure I'd end up in heaven and that's pretty much where this song and Medasin's music originates from anyway so whatever. This has been a long, random, and semi-awkward way of saying throw some salt over your shoulder and listen to this remix for JAHKOY's "California Heaven" featuring Schoolboy Q, OK?


Baauer - Sout London

Baauer is so busy these days he doesn't even have time to deal with the whole alphabet. His latest track offering, "Sout London," didn't make the album like the "h" didn't make "South." So in true Baauer fashion, he's just gifting it to his fans. Sort of like when you buy a dozen donuts and they throw in a thirteenth for free. THIS is that donut. Last note in case Baauer actually reads this (and finally follows me on Twitter, I mean...) why no LA dates on your current tour?


RL Grime, What So Not, Skrillex - Waiting

RL Grime, What So Not and Skrillex walk into a bar...there's a music joke here. They have an open fifth between them. Road to being diminished. Who will be out flat first? You get the idea. For all you minors (<---another pun?!), no more "Waiting" for that next song that will have your folks questioning your music taste, and overall judgement, it checks off all the critical boxes and that's what's up. Excuse me, I have to go lay down.


Grandtheft & Delaney Jane - Easy Go

Police just put out an APB on Grandtheft. Not for anything auto-related, but for his latest audio release. "Easy Go" is what I imagine he sings as he zips around town, so it makes sense he joined forces with singer Delaney Jane to help bring this to fruition. Back to that APB, all points should pay attention and keep an eye out.

taka perry - Fishy (feat. Jimmy Davis)

Sydney super producer Taka Perry and sultry singer Jimmy Davis are both up to something "Fishy." The two became fast friends and teamed up to put their spin on a capricious love story with apparent behavioral issues. It happens. But so do great songs! Fuck love, instead, let yourself fall head over heels for these hand-crafted melodies, brooding synths, and gentle, raspy tones.