[PREMIERE] Cherry Jungle: The Ribbons And The Wrappings (Great Good Fine Ok Remix)

cherry-jungle-remix 2016, I love you dearly, but you've been far too vibey. That's a bonafide fact. It's been midtempos as far as the eye can see. Glassy, plucky tones everywhere just drenched in reverb. It's fine, but man does it get boring sometimes.

But today, we have been redeemed thanks to Great Good Fine Ok and their incredible reboot of Cherry Jungle's "The Ribbons And The Wrappings." This is the the kind of nu-disco groove that the world has been lacking lately. Infused with a style distinctly more 80's than nu-disco of yore, I'm batting hard for the resurgence of this genre. This remix could be the harbinger of a distinctly uptempo 2017. LET'S GO WORLD. LOOP THIS BANGER. MAKE AMERICA GROOVE AGAIN. (And check out what the boys themselves have to say below!)

'We've known each other for a hot minute (Sam, Curtis, Luke). Met in Miami did a bunch of music stuff together and have stayed tight. Now we're all based in Brooklyn, so we were hanging playing some of what we had and when this song came on Luke (Great Good Fine Ok) seemed to like. Remix chatter ensued and he said he was down so we jumped on it. As usual he turned out something super solid.' - Cherry Jungle

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