Kate Nash: My Little Alien (Music Video)

kate-nash-alien On her newly released music video for "My Little Alien," directed by Tyler Monsein and co-starring Stella (Kate Nash's rescued “fur-baby” a.k.a. dog), the singer shares, “We wanted to recreate the feeling of being the nomads that we are. Neither of us quite fit into the boxes we should but when we are together it makes sense. So we got back on the road in a vintage Chinook and drove to Area 51!”

I love people who love dogs. Especially the people who put their dogs on a pedestal - ones higher than the highest flying UFO. What I'd give to ride back seat with Chappy (my pooch) and scour the California desert with Kate and Stella for fellow aliens. We'd totally hide behind corners and jump out at each other wearing fake antennas and light up the sky with our megawatt smiles.

Anyone else sometimes feel like you're from another planet? (Us too.)

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