SAMA: What Love Is All About


"'What Love Is All About' talks about the trials of finding a soul mate and the fact that even though you seem to have found it, in the end he/she proves to be a different person from the one you thought you knew, leading you to think you may never grasp the true meaning of the word 'love.'"

We've all been there. If you haven't, maybe you're that he/she who did the heart breaking? In that case, shame on you but also thank you for inspiring such a song. The electronic pop trio known as SAMA, and known for their distinct emotive, mid-tempo sounds, takes us under their musical wing with their latest release. And while I may not know what love is all about, more often than not, a band’s overall appeal is usually greater than the sum of its parts, and in the case of SAMA, each member stands equally tall giving their collective impact an almost unfair advantage to their competition.

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