Twin Wave: Roll With It

twin-wave-roll-with-it Good and bad news.

Let's start with the bad. It's been over six months since Twin Wave released "Matador", the first single off their forthcoming ‘Pour Out The Dark’ EP, and instant favorite that sent a sonic rush through music outlets and bullrings alike. Talk about flirting with me and then not returning my calls. More like moving, changing your number, and entering a witness protection program. Me for six months: *refreshes Twin Wave's Spotify page just one more time*

Now the good news. In this case, GREAT news. Brooklyn's dream pop trio have come out of hiding, out from behind the muleta and back into prominence in florescent fashion. Single #2, "Roll With It," is among us and basically my life motto put into song. Gone are the days of letting your worries get the best of you. Here to stay are Twin Wave's hypnotic synth melodies and overall musical prowess that remains tastefully direct at all times. (Side note: Anyone else getting slowed-down acid-washed Phil Collins "Sussudio" vibes? Singalong Level 10.)

With arrangements that ebb and flow in remarkable ways but supurbly blanket the overarching DNA of both "Matador" and "Roll With It," we're ready to Sharpie a heart on our calendar around the release date of the ‘Pour Out The Dark’ EP!

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