Golden Coast: Make Ya Move

thanks-your-man By now you've probably darn near worn out the sweet, sweet sounds of Golden Coast. I mean, who can deny the allure of California-esque dreaming?! Well, before you use all your favorite sad face emojis thinking you might have to spend the holidays without any fresh new shit, Golden Coast has kindly hit us with a newbie. "Make Ya Move" is lively and cool and exactly what you need on a cold, dreary day. Think Bruno Mars or the new John Legend. They multiply it and cue the head nods and steering wheel pounds.

"Make Ya Move was our attempt to kind of throw off some of the traditional song-y rules and do something just purely fun. Kind of tried to channel our inner Macklemore or Bruno and talk a little over-confident swagger. Think it’s our favorite dance tune to date." - Golden Coast

If you really want to get your motor running, you can check out Golden Coast's EP in its entirety here. You won't be sorry. You'll be the opposite of sorry. In fact, you'll be gloating to all your pals and patting yourself on the back for being such a music discovery superstar.

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