Hello. Thursday. Remixes.


🌺 🌻 🌹Fresh remixes hand-picked from our garden to yours!🌷 🌼 🌸

Big Wild - Invincible (feat. iDA HAWK) [Manila Killa Remix]

It's early Thursday morning, I just rolled out of bed, and pushed play on Manila Killa's latest remix. The enabler: Big Wild's "Invincible" featuring iDA HAWK. Think Popeye after downing a can of spinach. Or Thor slamming his hammer to the ground creating an outward rippling effect like water. Bottom line, this is something you don't want to mess with. It's something you just give your lunch money to and thank them for taking it.

PNAU - Chameleon (Kormak Remix)

“Chameleon” is PNAU's first single in years and welcomed by all. The electronic outfit throw some serious gas on the fire with a remix package featuring OWSLA approved LDRU, Sydney's Dom Dolla, Kormak and LA's Crookers. Chameleons come in a range of colors, and many species have the ability to change colors. So do these artists and their incredible reworks, but (if I had to choose) Kormack's glows a shade brighter.

Elephante - Plans (ft. Brandyn Burnette) (Instant Karma Remix)

Good looking. Good sounding. Good GOD. I bet when Instant Karma logs into Credit Karma they even have good scores. The goodness duo step back into prominence and in florescent fashion with their remix of "Plans" by Elephante, featuring the soulful strains of singer Brandyn Burnette. Clear my schedule! These are my new plans under further notice.

Gigamesh - All Night (Wild & Free Remix)

"Wild" and "Free" goes well with "All Night." Too often I've lived by those words only to wake looking like a GigaMESS. Ba dum tsh! (Sorry, Gigamesh). Hat tip to Wild & Free for not only helping set up a post meridiem pun, but for guiding the way to the early ante meridiem with this bad influencer of a remix.

So Below - Hard (Memoryy Remix)

Vibes on 10. When I write about songs, I usually go with the first thing that pops into my head. I'm like a palm reader and have Memoryy's in hand. Here's what I see: Memoryy DJing. A festival crowd channeling its inner mosh pit, pushing "Hard." Someone get a wringer in here cause everyone's looking like a drenched mop. Before things cross over to the dark side, he follows the biggest build yet and drops into the last minute of this remix (2:07-3:07). Plot (and tempo) twist! Unexpected but welcomed like finding a c-note on the sidewalk. In other words, money.


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