[PREMIERE] Jessie Early: Heart


I live by letting music take me where my heart wants to go. Today, that led me to Nashville, and onto the doorstep of indie-pop artist Jessie Early. Fun fact: Did you know your heartbeat pattern changes and mimics the music you listen to? In this case, listening to the singer's debut song, "Heart," I'm on cardiac and cerebral watch since a calm feeling of euphoria is now racing through my veins.

Before we continue, grab a red-ink Sharpie, your calendar, and tell Siri to hold your calls. The Sharpie is so you can circle March the 31st (the release of Jessie's 'Wild Honey' EP) on your, you guessed it, calendar. Feel free to improvise if a Sharpie isn’t available. Red lipstick, a crayon, blood, all work. And you know what...while you’re at it, upgrade that circle to more appropriate shape with two perpendicular lines and two circular arcs.

On the release, Jessie shares, “"Heart" was the one song I tried to scrap. I decided to put the song on the EP knowing that it had a lot of potential, but it really just turned into the problem child throughout the entire recording process. It was either too dark, too brooding, too organic, too acoustic – too something.” The track finally came together one morning before heading to her producer’s studio to record. “I literally woke up with this beat in my head and knew that was it! I made a quick voice memo, we made that beat from scratch in the studio, and the song finally came together.”

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