Stalgia: 'NOMAD' LP Review

Stalgia: 'NOMAD' LP Review

Photo by Easton Schirra

Photo by Easton Schirra

The two most trusted music critics: your best friends and a live audience. Imagine being with your friends in a crowded venue -- say, last Friday night at The Peppermint Club -- can you expect an immediate multi-pronged review in real time? Yes, but, following KKS's recent showcase, I did one better. I had an idea to send a different song from LA-based cinematic electronic duo Stalgia's debut LP, 'NOMAD,' to a different friend asking each to weigh in on it. Ten friends whose opinions I trust collide with ten songs that have shaped my 2017 and will continue to shape my foreseeable future. Read the result, below!

In The Trees Cover.jpg

1. "In The Trees"

My first impression is to be scared.  Something about that ominous build up makes me think that: an A$AP ROCKY rap is about to really hit me, and also that maybe I'm not in the right emotional headspace to be listening to music such as this? (hangovers at 28 from ONE glass of champagne and a poorly-made martini are NO joke people).  Suddenly 20 seconds into the track, all these previous fears have left my head and I’m swaying at my desk like a 21 year old girl at Coachella. This could be a function of my aforementioned hangover, but also seems very on brand for me sans hangover.  So now im hooked, this song is giving me REAL Selena Gomez vibes, but like her more *developed* older sister who isn’t constantly running back to Bieber…  Also noted are some Lana Del Rey & Banks vibes too? Maybe they’re related? Have I transitioned from reviewing a bomb ass song to creating my own musical dynasty fantasy league? Probably.  Bottom line: “In The Trees” is the song you didn’t know you needed…in all settings and in all situations.  Feeling moody? Check.  Driving solo? Check.  Driving with people? Check.  Scoring the inevitable movie version of your life? This may be just a me thing, but Check anyway.  Final thoughts, like the girl (who may or not may be of the exclusive Gomez, Del Rey, Banks lineage) says “I could use a little somethin’” and that somethin’ is definitely this song. -Ben F. (New York, NY)

2. "Electric"

Electric makes you feel just that — electric, energetic, and alive. Melodically it pulls in the iconic tonality of the mid to late 90’s woven together with a fresh and momentous beat, it will be your new favorite song for the treadmill and LA traffic jams. -Petar M. (Downtown Los Angeles, CA)

3. "Paper Wings"

Wow!! When I listen to this song it transport me to another world of dreams and possibilities. As a makeup artist I look for songs like this to set the mood with my clients. I want the environment to be inspirational and relatable. I find myself closing my eyes immediately listening to this song and smiling.  I love this song!!! -Elle L. (San Francisco, CA)

4. "BDY"

The rhythms of my body feed off you" commands Stalgia frontwoman Lauren Day on the track "BDY" off their upcoming LP 'NOMAD". Rounding out the duo is Brandon Leslie. We love the beat on this one. Blast this masterpiece while driving down the PCH to Malibu on a Sunday evening. Despite the song’s softness, it packs an incredible force (to be reckoned with). Based on this bass filled track - we're excited to see the potential of this amazing Los Angeles based Duo. -Tyler H. (Los Angeles, CA)

5. "Euphoria"

Taking flight by rocket ship to escape a broken heart, in a state of suspended animation for the long journey through deep space to an undiscovered world light years away. A swooning melody held by a gentle trap beat, this could be the sound of what future AI robot pleasure models listen to in an attempt to understand love. -Ryan H. (San Diego, CA)

Heaven Mimosas Cover.jpg

6. "Heaven & Mimosas"

I must preface this review by saying I don't often drink Mimosas and I have never imagined a Heaven where Mimosas are served. This song grabbed me right at the top with those smooth lo-fi keys that act as a mantra for the next 3 minutes. Heaven + Mimosas is both dreamy and raw making it worthy of repeat listens at any hour of the night. And after those listens,I will forever imagine Mimosas being served and the gates...and I'm totally fine with that. Thank you Stalgia for taking me to heaven. . -Andy R. (Silver Lake, CA)

Stalgia Spirit Animal.jpg

7. "Spirit Animal"

I love the vibe of Spirit Animal. I’m so drawn to musicians who push limits to create a unique sound. When the bass drops in, it really hits you and takes you to another place. For me, it makes me think of meeting someone interesting for the first time— analyzing them— their style, their talk, their aura. It’s a song you want to sing along with instantly. If you’re taking a long drive, add this one to your chill playlist. -Rob Z. (Orlando, FL)


Stalgia Talk To My Skin Cover.jpg

8. "Talk To My Skin"

I’m getting very sexy vibes from this track. It's like my hot date is about to end but then I ask if they want to come inside and ‘talk to my skin’. Sensual and atmospheric indeed. -Katie C. (Brentwood, CA)

9. "Bent"

This song transports my mind to a separate world - even while I sit in my chair at work. The chill, ambient beat clears my mind and drives the song forward while the catchy vocals and chorus draw me in. I’ve had this track on repeat for the last hour without realizing it and I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! -Nick N. (Santa Monica, CA)

10. "Nomad"

NOMAD did a great job splicing together the genes of several genres.  The pads & dark vibe take a page from cinema, the cadence of the lyrics a page from r&b / hip hop.. a pulse-y square wave drop emulates the best of today's edm/electro/pop hybrids.  It fit my scene perfectly -- headphones over my ears, walking through the November fog of downtown LA like a badass... More please! -Steven M. (Pasadena, CA)

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