[PREMIERE] Jaguar Skills Feat. Wide Awake: Fly (Original Sin Remix)

Ladies and gentlemen, DJ and producer Original Sin has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt light which means you are now free to dance about the cabin.  Our captains Jaguar Skills and Wide Awake would also like to welcome you aboard as we reach a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet above puffy white clouds of neon-flecked drum and bass.  We remind you that the only smoking on this flight is the kind used to describe the remix, below.  With that said, tampering with, disabling or destroying the player below is prohibited by law -- and we don't want to have to strap a parachute on your back and toss you out.  Those aren't the kind of drops we have in store for our future.  Nope.  Only the kind that perfectly soundtrack the colorful sunrise in the distance we're flying towards.  Actually, you may want to buckle up as we "Fly"... this is escapism at its fine$t.

I’m really proud of my take on Jaguar Skills feat. Wide Awake’s ‘Fly’. The parts were so strong for this track, which along with that super-cool vocal hook made it a real pleasure to work on. I think I’ve managed to inject some of my own personality into the record while maintaining the energy of the original, so I’m excited to hear what people think. Enjoy!
— Original Sin

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