Matthew Koma: Hard To Love

Do your friends wonder why you’re single? Does it takes time for you to open up?  Are you wise beyond your years?  Is your heart encased in ice with no plans of thawing anytime soon? Have you had a difficult past? Do you shut down when you get angry? Are you always in doubt when it comes to love?  Matthew Koma, I'm not a psychologist but maybe you're hard to love because you’re so hard on yourself.  Let's go over the facts: 

Ruling the world from your sweatpants isn't so bad as long as were talking James Perse and not some run of the mill department store.  I, personally, don't own any headbands but only cause I'm not you and can't pull something off like that.  I'm pretty sure having OCD with a healthy amount of daily panic attacks is the norm these days, so we'll table that for now but,  I need to know exactly how many carbs are in these Japanese dry snacks to allow them even on the table. 

The concerns are as follows:  After all day and night in the studio coming home reeking of weed and you're still moody?  You are smoking the wrong weed.  It's probably those red eye flights and tummy rolls that are keeping you from achieving gentleman status, it's definitely not your voice on all those house tracks.  I think we should just save time here because, Matthew, you can say or sing whatever you want but you're a winner baby and, on behalf of your fans, you're not that hard to love, sorry.  That said, sure, I'll tell you when I've had enough, enough, enough's enough.

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