JOHN.k: Runnin

Photo by Angelo Kritikos

If you’re on the hunt for smooth croon vibrations, look no further than JOHN.k. The FL-based artist blurs R&B tones with pop sensibilities on his sizzling mid tempo debut. By pulling together tightly scored production and layered sheen yesteryear’s blues, "Runnin" cuts through the regular noise of the week by a landslide. And while the sizzling synths & buzzing trap drums keep this track in focus, it’s JOHN.k’s voice that shines like a masterpiece above this diamond cut gem of a tune.  If this is his debut, we aren’t even prepared for what comes next. Don’t miss it.

Runnin was the catalyst that sparked the entire project. When we first tracked it over unpolished production, the team and I felt like we had stumbled into something special. The hard part was not screwing it up. Anytime we would experiment and change things in the record, we would always end up going back to the way we originally recorded the idea. It was raw, troubled, connected, and dynamic. It just felt good there.
— JOHN.k

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