Coachella Q&A: Grace Mitchell

Photo by Will Nixon

Photo by Will Nixon

Grace Mitchell make me feel all sorts of rebellious.  The only other way I can describe it is while the cheerleaders are rallying the crowd her music is under the bleachers smoking a joint and couldn't care less. In fact, it's only in attendance to witness the scoreboard it rigged to expose scandalous footage at halftime. What footage? This is the part where you crank up "Kids (Ain't All Right)" and choose your own debaucherous adventure.

We recently crossed paths with Grace leading up to her performance at this year's Coachella Music and Arts Festival to dish over everything from what's going to what she'll have packed in her survival bag, which fellow-performer she's most excited to see, and lots more! 

When the Coachella lineup was announced, what's the best reaction you received from a fan, friend, or family member?

People were really excited for me when the lineup was announced but my favorite reactions I get are from people I used to go to school with. It’s like my Drake moment whenever someone from my hometown DM’s me on Instagram to say they saw me on something significant. I feast off of revenge.

Are you a Coachella newbie? If so, what are you most excited or most nervous about? If you're a veteran, what's the one story that encapsulates your most memorable Coachella experience? 

I’ve been to Coachella once before, but this is my first year playing it. I’m super excited to perform new material with my band but also excited that a lot of my friends are playing this year.

What's in your Coachella survival bag and does that bag include any extra special add-ons for your set that we can look forward to?

Mints, water, chapstick, B12, and condoms (for my friends obviously).

Describe how you envision the day of your performance to go:

9AM: asleep still

11AM: pizza 4 breakfast

1PM: lay by the pool

3PM: head to the venue and see da bands

5PM: whiskey time

7PM: play show/melt faces

9PM: party time

11PM: party time pt.2

If you could have any celebrity front row during your show who would it be?

Iggy Pop

Out of all of your fellow Coachella artists performing, whose show are you most looking forward to watching?

Thundercat & Radiohead

What was the last song you listened to on repeat?

Fashion show by Facial

If you could partner with any brand, who would it be and why?

Planned Parenthood because reproductive rights are literally *life goals* and The Four Seasons because I love luxury. 

Post-Coachella, anything exciting on the horizon we should know about and share with the universe?

I’m releasing my first full length album!! 

Describe yourself with three emojis.

🤙 💀 ✨

Also be on the look out for Grace’s new song “Now” coming out on Friday!

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