Coachella Q&A: GRYFFIN

Coachella Q&A: GRYFFIN

I'm definitely guilty for playing a song on repeat until I hate it.  "WE KNOW," says everyone within regular earshot of me, especially my dog.  No joke, I think I played GRYFFIN's remix of "Open Season" by Josef Salvat about....let's be honest, I'm still playing it on repeat and lost count of how many times I've streamed it long ago.  While GRYFFIN started building the foundation of his career with remixes such as Tove Lo's "Talking Body," Maroon 5's "Animals" and Years & Years's "Desire," that foundation is now host to a few skyscrapers.  By host I mean keeper of nearly half a million social followers, responsible for upwards of 6M monthly listens. And by skyscrapers I'm talking about his originals such as his debut, "Heading Home," featuring Josef Salvat, along with "Whole Heart" featuring Bipolar Sunshine, and his latest "Feel Good" featuring Daya.

In other words, whether you're stranded on a deserted island and can only choose one artist's catalog to listen to on repeat, or you're just trying to prioritize your Coachella itinerary, GRYFFIN should be on your short list, if not sitting on the top of it.  Leading up to his performance on Saturday, we had the chance to ask GRYFINN series of questions from what's in his desert survival bag, to which song he last played on repeat, and lots more.  Check it out, below!

When the Coachella lineup was announced, what's the best reaction you received from a fan, friend, or family member?

Haha I don't know if there was one reaction that stood out it was just more an influx of really heartfelt messages and support which was unreal.  It made me feel very loved and supported which was great.

Are you a Coachella newbie? If so, what are you most excited or most nervous about?

Coachella newbie!  I'm excited and nervous about the performance!  I'm playing a lot of new material and debuting new visuals and new production so it's a lot of work but hopefully the payoff will be great!

What's in your Coachella survival bag and does that bag include any extra special add-ons for your set that we can look forward to?

Guitar, Piano, Water, Sunglasses, and some surprises I can't quite reveal!

Describe how you envision the day of your performance to go:

9AM:  Wake up and have team breakfast

11AM:  Rehearse the set and performance at the house

1PM:  Stop by a few events and say hi to some friends

3PM:  Go on site to the festival


7PM:  Interviews and relax/celebrate with team

9PM:  Watch some other acts at the festival

11PM:  Go to some after parties!!

If you could have any celebrity front row during your show who would it be?

The Rock

Out of all of your fellow Coachella artists performing, whose show are you most looking forward to watching?

Excited to see Mura Masa.  Honestly most excited to see Hans Zimmer though haha.

What was the last song you listened to on repeat?

The Xx - Hold On

If you could partner with any brand, who would it be and why?

That's a tough one but maybe like a sports apparel brand because I'm actually super into sports and athletic apparel.  Adidas maybe?

Post-Coachella, anything exciting on the horizon we should know about and share with the universe?

Lots of new music!!

Describe yourself with three emojis.


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