[PREMIERE] Tim Legend Feat. Colin Dieden: Quicksand

Like the real stuff, "Quicksand" by Tim Legend yields easily to pressure and is guaranteed to consume anyone who comes in contact -- in this case, all listeners within earshot.  The young pro blender of indie and electronic vibes teams up with The Mowgli’s Colin Dieden for a subtle dash of powerhouse alt-rock.  The end result? We're talking summery strummed ukulele, echoing vocals, a dance-ready hook -- and that's just within the first thirty seconds.  Normally, when someone says, "I have a sinking feeling," I'd say "start swimming!" But in the case of Tim Legend, Colin Dieden, and this deep-seated new single via Ultra Records, you'll have to excuse me while I perform an Olympic-sized cannonball into "Quicksand." 

I’ve been a big fan of what Calvin Harris has been putting out recently ahead of his album release and carried that inspiration into this record’s production. I’ve been wanting to mix alternative rock with my style of dance music for a while now and knew this was the right opportunity as soon as Colin and Nick (our co-writer/producer) played the topline for me. Alternative music has always had a special place in my heart and I really feel like this track will take this crossover to new heights, I hope the best for it.
— Tim Legend

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