Tep No: Eighteen

Tep YES. Turns out I have a few things in common with Toronto-based music sommelier Tep No. From his quote, below, it sounds like we both put our parents through the ringer at the crossroads of our adulthood. Listen, we didn't find music, music found us, OK?  If I had the chops of this Canadian producer my parents would have probably proudly shoved me out of the nest.  My dad would probably try to say something cool like " My son's Master's Degree is in Criminal Justice because his beats hit so hard they should be illegal."  Luckily, everything has fallen into place and I'm sitting here typing to you while basking in Tep No's nostalgic "Eighteen" and haven't cringed once thinking about those crossover years.

EIghteen is an homage to his teenage years. Tep No remarks, “I want to apologize to my parents, because they had to deal with a kid who was delusional about having a music career, and I know it was tough on them. I did get a Masters Degree because of them, and for that I am thankful. Now I have my own little family and my career, and I don’t see them as often as I’d like, and so I appreciate seeing them when I can. Growing up, I appreciate those days now a lot more then back then, when I was broke and wasn’t performing shows with Chainsmokers or Steve Aoki haha. “Eighteen” is an apologetic song dedicated to them and I know they’ll appreciate.
— Tep No