[PREMIERE] Isaac Lee: Dead

[PREMIERE] Isaac Lee: Dead

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Moody, dark and dramatic. We're not talking hard-boiled detectives and brassy dames but the 1940s term film noir comes to mind with Isaac Lee's "Dead" -- a simultaneous masterpiece and work in process, figuratively. We had the chance to ask this California-born, Atlanta-residing artist some questions about his latest release, and discuss what's next on the horizon for this young, renaissance man.

Tell us a little bit about yourself as an artist?

I'm not only a songwriter and producer, I also own and run my own creative multimedia production company, "SoMINT" where I'm a cinematographer, editor, writer, and director. I prefer not to be boxed or put into one lane as an artist because I have a huge passion for all the art. Music, film, photography, graphic design, painting and other handmade art, as well as dance and acting. I love it all.

What was the inspiration behind the new song "DEAD"?

I wrote "DEAD" about the most important relationship in my life. A relationship I was avoiding for a very long time that turned out to be the best thing that has and could ever happen to me, and I'm so thankful.

The video for "DEAD" isn't in the typical format of what you'd come to expect from a music video. Could you describe how you came up with the departure in the second half of the video and what it means to you?

The inspiration for the music video came to me pretty suddenly and out of nowhere one night as I was writing another song. I think it may have had something to do with Ridley Scott's "ALIEN: Covenant" which I had recently watched. I've always loved sci-fi thrillers, especially the ones that were physically connected with Earth and its people. Most of the inspiration came from the old 80's sci-fi film "Invasion of The Bodysnatchers". I really just wanted to do something bizarre, unique, and unexpected with the music video so I wrote it out and got my business partners (Photographer/Cinematographer - Michael Pollard and (Director/Producer - Jon Fienemann) together and we made it happen in just a week of shooting. It was low budget but I think it turned out to be pretty sweet. 

How does growing up in Atlanta influence your sound and style? 

Growing up mostly in Atlanta, being home-schooled, and working in the film industry in my teen years allowed me to learn and grow quickly through a lot of hard work and really build myself as a professional freelance cinematographer and editor at a young age.  

Recently I've been heavily influenced by the hip hop and rap artists of Atlanta and other south-eastern states and have written a lot of music that I feel fits in that world. I love it.

What's next for you?

I'm writing several short films that I will probably direct and produce with "SoMINT" to be entered in festivals in 2018 and 2019. As far as music, I've been writing a song or two a day for most of this year, so I'm planning to release at least a couple more singles and maybe some SoundCloud exclusive songs before the end of the year. I'm very stoked and thankful to be able share more of my vision and art with the world.

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