Emma McGrath: Love You Better

Emma McGrath Love You Better.jpg

After this Super Bowl weekend, over-eating, over-drinking and screaming at the television, you may need to dedicate Emma McGrath's latest single to yourself. You know who you are. "Love You Better" sees the London-based artist step back into prominence, sharing a taste of her upcoming sophomore six-track EP (‘Silent Minds’), set for release on April 13th. From what we're hearing, it sounds like we can expect a package of bright pop chock-full of atmospheric guitar riffs, mellow vocals, emotive lyrics and catchy synth hooks.

It’s an interesting song, that can be viewed in two different ways. The lyrics “I can love you better in the long run” have juxtaposing meanings - “I’ll become a better person” or “I’m better than that person”. It says a lot about the attitude of an individual in love.
— Emma McGrath