[PREMIERE] French Horn Rebellion & Patawawa: Mr. Romantic

French Horn Rebellion x Patawawa Mr Romantic.jpg

Diiisssssssccooooooooooooo. If y'all know anything about me by now, it's that anything that even remotely resembles disco, I can't get over. And this one is no exception. Combining the brilliant minds of French Horn Rebellion and Patawawa, we get a sonic landscape that sounds like a discotheque slammed straight into a lush tropical getaway. Jangly guitars play syncopated licks, ethnic percussion digs into that classic disco patten, and wish-wash synths have us dreaming of summer days. Grab your mojito and start sunbathing in the front lawn. Doesn't matter if it's 50 degrees. We can will Summer to get here with this one.

We have been speaking to French Horn Rebellion for about 2 years now about doing a track together and have been sending ideas back and forth for a while and have done remixes for each other but I feel that the wait has been with while! We are super happy with how the finished ‘Mr Romantic’ sounds, we think it will be perfect for everyone escaping the cold and getting into those warmer climates, it’s a definite feel good vibe!
— Sam Wilmot of Patawawa

Listen, below, or on your preferred platform here.

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YouTooCanWoo “Night Out” Parties:
4/20 - The Camden Assembly Pub - London, UK w/ Patawawa (Tickets)
5/10 - Schubas - Chicago, IL w/ Special Guests TBA (Tickets)
5/12 - Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI w/ Special Guests TBA (Tickets)

French Horn Rebellion Live Shows:
4/19 - Mulberry Tavern - Sheffield, UK w/ Patawawa (Tickets)
4/21 - The Eagle Inn, Manchester, UK w/ Patawawa (Tickets)