[PREMIERE] Riley: Havoc

riley havoc.jpg

Soul is an understatement. Riley’s voice is spiritual. Just listen to the cold open on "Havoc" and you’ll know she’s onto something special here. Tremolo organs, swelling piano, and classic chords take us way back to a simpler time while the rhythm section keeps those ultra-tight programmed drums that makes it feel as modern as it gets. And while Riley sings about heartbreak on this one, her vocal couldn’t be any sweeter. If "Havoc" is her debut single, something tells us we’re going to be hearing lots more from this L.A. native.

I’ll never forget how hot it was that August, and just how naïve I was, when it came to love. I wrote Havoc after having my first love, leave me for my best friend. Looking back, I now can refocus on the signs that I should’ve payed attention to. But at that time, I was blind, and in love. Writing this, has helped me heal from the betray I experienced, and has allowed me to move on and except honest love back into my life.
— Riley
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