[PREMIERE] Hark Madley: Decades

Hark Madley.jpg

Found sound meets trip hop meets an overflowing sea of vintage synths and broke down samples. "Decades" dives deep into all the nostalgic elements of youth with an expansive take on sonic exploration. Interpolated pieces of field recordings, dusty piano, and a constant fizz of white noise keep our heads ping-ponging around this sonic expanse all while fuzzy drum tones snap and crackle at us from behind the beat. If you're trying to catch a vibe this Thursday, this is the place to catch it. Don't sleep on Hark Madley.

Decades is a reflection on nostalgia, and the particular way that some of our most distant memories can feel the most present. I love organic elements that bring warmth and life to a track, so I used several field recordings in Decades that were reminiscent of my childhood, including a little league baseball game and sounds recorded in the woods.
— Hark Madley