Coachella Q&A: Louis The Child

Coachella Q&A: Louis The Child

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Louis as in Saint, The as in the, and Child as in Destiny's.  Consider this Q&A the extended version of Drake's "God's Plan," because the Chicago-based DJ and production duo of Louis The Child, consisting of Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, is worthy of a hundred church choirs preach-sangin' "Hallelujah."

Their music is my religion and in less than two weeks's time, my amen hands will be flying high alongside my people. Note: LTC's fans come to play, so if there's one thing you can count on this Coachella, it's for this set to be a full house of high rollers bringing their A-game. Q&A time-out:

Where were you when you first heard you'll be playing Coachella?

Honestly we don't remember haha

When the Coachella lineup was announced, what's the best reaction you received from a fan, friend, or family member?

We were flying from Chicago to Atlanta when the line up was announced. We were in the air and looked down and saw that someone had spelled out "Congrats on Coachella Louis The Child!" in a small cornfield just northeast of Normal, IL. 

As veterans now, what's the one story that encapsulates your most memorable Coachella experience?  

The first year we played, we were still an up and coming act. We had a few songs out that were doing well, but we expected to have small crowd because we were playing earlier in the day. A few minutes before we went on, we walked up to take a look at the crowd, and the whole tent was packed. It was the biggest crowd we had ever played to date, and everyone was excited and into the set. We finished that set with nothing but happy feelings.

What's in your Coachella survival bag and does that bag include any extra special add-ons for your set that we can look forward to? 

Sunscreen, sunglasses, sunshine, sunny D, sun dresses, sundial, sun rises, sunsets and the debut of a new remix.

Describe how you envision the day of your performance to go:

9AM: sleep
11AM: sleep
1PM: sleep
3PM: sleep
5PM: sleep
7PM: sleep
9PM: sleep
11PM: wake up. fuck. we missed our set. 

If you could have any celebrity front row during your show who would it be?


Out of all of your fellow Coachella artists performing, whose show are you most looking forward to watching?


What was the last song you listened to on repeat?

This song we're about to release with Wafia called "Better Not."

If you could partner with any brand, who would it be and why?

Adidas. They're very creative and forward thinking.

Post-Coachella, anything exciting on the horizon we should know about and share with the universe?

Continuing to release music. We have a song with MAX that should be coming pretty soon after Coachella that we're super stoked on. We're working towards an album at the moment and have been writing some really cool music that we're really confident in. You only get one debut album so we want to make sure it's perfect. 

Describe yourself with three emojis.

πŸ’œ 🐢 πŸ‘‘

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Kick. Kick. Spotify.