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MOONZz is back. Her new track "Dissolve" premieres today via Kick Kick Snare and we couldn't be more into it. Warbling synths, hooky melodies, and a soaring chorus all keep as at the edge of our seat while a cinematic backdrop plays effortlessly alongside from trap and pop influences. With a tune this technicolor, we can't help but keep this track in heavy rotation. And to celebrate, we sat down and did a little interview with MOONZz, to boot!

Q: Tell me a little about “Dissolve.” What inspired it? What was it like recording?

A: When you start letting go of expectations and start living in the moment, you’ll notice the weight of it all begin to dissolve. It was inspired by a dream I had, where I was standing across from a silhouette in a deserted place, and we just walked toward each other, in slow motion. The moment we touched, we turned to dust, and dissolved... I started writing this song with my friends Mike Mcginnis and Mick Coogan of 10k Islands. It was the first song we wrote together on the first day we met! I’ve always felt really comfortable coming into a new environment and I felt really at home with the two of them right away. I ended up taking the song over to my friend Scott Robinson to add the finishing touches. We recorded lots of new harmonies that matched the dream-like feel of it.

Q:Your new EP, Aftershock, is set to be released May 18th. What can we expect from it? 

A: I’m excited about this body of work. Aftershock is how I choose to react to the circumstances around me. It’s my sophomore EP, following Trust Cycles, metaphorically and literally what comes next. It’s a bit darker and sonically much more dimensional.

Q:“Dissolve” follows the EP’s first focus track “Lost,” which you’ve referred to as one of your most vulnerable songs to date. How has your songwriting progressed since your debut EP Trust Cycles came out in 2016?

A: I really feel like I have such a stronger sense of who I am. I love sharing my journey with everyone that listens to my music. I’m definitely in a much different headspace this time around - and it’s constantly pushing me to write, sing, produce and take risks with my writing constantly, without judging myself every step of the way.

Q: Your music combines a lot of different genres, from R&B to pop and even trap. As you continue to make music, how has your sound evolved and changed over the years?

A: Yeah. I’ve learned to let whatever mood I’m in guide the session - it’s a part of the writing process, you know? I used to shy away from sounds that didn’t sound like “MOONZz,” but it’s been the most fun and exciting part of the writing process. I heard a string quartet and chimes, live drums and random things here and there, so it’s in there… I used more guitar plucks, breaths and beat boxing, no “drop” where some would expect it. I love it.

Q: You recently teamed up with Spotify and Sephora for a collaboration debuting hair and makeup looks for the festival season, and even took over the Sephora Instagram for a bit at Coachella this past weekend. How does your music influence your style, and vice versa?

A: Yes!! That was so much fun! I loved the contrasting looks. I’ve always felt like my music and style are extensions of myself, so they influence one another naturally.

Q: A lot has happened in the time since you released Trust Cycles: you’ve garnered well over 30 million Spotify streams, had your music featured in ad campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, and even appeared at DoLab at Coachella last year. What’s been the craziest moment for you? Was there a particular instance along the way when you had to pinch yourself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream?

A: Well, every little thing that’s happened thus far are all pinch-myself moments! The Victoria’s Secret campaigns have all been exciting as ever, mainly because I only expected one! But now it’s been six commercials. The campaign with Sephora x Spotify came about pretty quickly and felt so humbling when I got to the shoot in NYC.

Q: What can we expect from you in the coming months ahead?

A: MORE LIVE SHOWS and A TOUR, MOONZz merch that I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT, music videos and meet and greets! All exciting.


Kick. Kick. Spotify.

Kick. Kick. Spotify.

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