[PREMIERE] Olive B: Joey Moon

Olive B.jpg

Man, I don't know what it is about the water in Canada, but the talent from that country just won't stop. And Olive B is no exception. The Toronto-based artist combines the lush ethereal sonics of R&B with swung melodic rhythms, delivering a nougat of pure aural bliss. While her delivery sits back in the rhythm, her lyrics explore the salient side of stream of conscious euphoria. With plodding vintage drum machines, strings samples, and a haunting glissando'd sine synth, there's no better way to kick it than with the new one from Olive B.

After free-styling the first half of the verse I knew what kind of feel I wanted for the whole song. More upbeat than my most previously released song, but still with a relaxed flow. Joey Moon is a glimpse into my daydreams and a funky feel good song for summer.
— Olive B