CREME Deed.jpg

A one-woman synth-based army is the easiest way to describe the approach of CRÈME, the latest creative endeavor from Trixie Reiss, a former collaborator of pioneering electronic act The Crystal Method. Distorted vocals, pulsating synthesizers and off balance, unpredictable melodies come together to bring to life a dream that Trixie experienced and felt compelled to share. "'Deed' became a stage where I got to act out what mattered most that day…through a multi faceted lens," she shares. CRÈME will be releasing a succession of singles throughout 2018, with "Deed" marking this year's first. They all relate to each other, resulting in a sort of stylistic collage. Some are poppy and others more downtempo, but they’re all 100% CRÈME.

“Deed” came from a dream I had about an incredibly seductive man dressed in drag making out with a woman, in the corner of a dark club. I’ve heard that “deed” means a man dressed in drag who’s attracted to women so I was thinking about that and about desire in general. The dream was so hot and sureal. In the song I wanted to go back there and show you what I saw.
— Trixie