[PREMIERE] Sara Diamond: Fool

Sara Diamond.jpg

At 22 years old, Sara Diamond sings like she's lived a whole lot of life. The moody, R&B pop vibe on her latest track "Fool" is enchanting and polished. And if we're being perfectly honest, it's a spinning instructor's dream track. You know what I'm talking about... that moment in class when they turn down the lights less one freaky red spotlight and they tell you it's time for the uphill portion of your ride. You sneak want to turn down all the resistance and fake it, but then a tune like "Fool" blares in the speaker system and you're all... "let's conquer this metaphorical obstacle!!" Before you know it you're dripping sweat and your legs are on fire and you're rewarded with endorphins and the feels, compliments of Sara Diamond's inspired number.

It’s easy to feel like a fool when we give other people the power to control how we feel. No one can take away my happiness except my own ego. This song is about taking my power back and becoming the woman I know I can be.
— Sara Diamond