[PREMIERE] James Droll: Twist My Arm

The word despair doesn't seem to work when describing a traditional pop song. We usually use phrases like bop, candy-coated, jam, song-of-the-summer-contender. We usually don't use words like gut-wrenching, exhausted, or broken.

James Droll can speak to both sides of this, and today we have his most crushing release yet. "Twist My Arm", a final blow in a tattered relationship, is premiering alongside a stunning video from director and frequent Droll collaborator Nolan Knight. Droll is fresh off the success of a string of tour dates with BFF Phangs and his Big Beat/Atlantic debut "Caving" with Justin Caruso, and "Twist My Arm" is where we find James at his most vulnerable. He's shown time and time again that he can endure pain (both physically and emotionally – he actually got the title tattooed on his palm because he is a crazy person), and in this latest effort, he's begging one last time to let go of love where it was never meant to be found.