[PREMIERE] EMBRZ Feat. Joan: Like It Or Not


Holy heck. Now THIS is the epitome of fresh. This track is all kinds of wonderful. Playful tones, tick-tock percussion, and a glassy sheen coat come together in an intoxicating rush on "Like It Or Not." The collaboration came together effortlessly, recounts EMBRZ, "I wanted to make something upbeat, something that felt like it belonged to the summer. I had always been a fan of joan, so it was great to collaborate with them on this tune. They smashed it!" And he's right about that. Those airy vocals send us up to the moon and back, and when that backbeat kicks back in, we're lifted straight to an aural heaven. If EMBRZ's 9 million streams don't convince you, this tune will win you RIGHT over. Out tomorrow June 8th on Ultra Records. Don't sleep on this one.