The pursuit of love is basically a trip to the amusement park. You pick a ride and it's equal parts thrilling, over-hyped, monotonous, outrageous, predictable, fabulous, and probably short-lived. You run the gambit of emotions, then you hop on another ride and do it all over again. RVRB's R&B-infused pop tune, "EX," is the equivalent of having your sunglasses fall off your head mid-loop, but quickly realizing you don't need them to see.  Call it human nature, call it crazy, but the GD roller coaster of love is probably the most reliable routine. Note to self: We're going to keep on keeping on until we get it right. And if we're RVRB, write a song about it.

This song is the beginning of a rebirth for me. Molded from heartbreak and bitterness, but also a willingness to accept the past and move on. I was living with my parents at the time, and my EX decided to write an “anonymous” blog post about how terrible I was. Everyone knew who she was talking about. Immediately my friend JL called and told me about it, and my only response was “I need a beat.” Within an hour the song was complete. Songwriting is usually never that easy, but pain is a great driving force behind art. This is my response.